Race Information 2019

Welcome to the 58th edition of the Eddie Soens Memorial Cycle Race.

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Race Headquarters


The race headquarters are located at:

Aintree Golf Centre, Melling Road, Aintree, Merseyside L9 5AB. Tel 0151 523 5157   Directions>>

It will be open from 7.30am and has car parking and limited changing/shower facilities.


Signing On


The signing on control is at the race headquarters and is open from 7.30am to 8.55am. You must present your 2019 racing licence which will be retained until the finish of the event and returned on receipt of your race numbers and transponder. Youth A riders must also present a valid dispensation card. British Cycling members and non members may purchase a single event licence if required at the current BC rate. Junior and Youth A competitors must have their gear checked before signing on (Junior: 7.93m, Youth A: 6.93m).


Race Numbers


You will be issued with two body numbers which must be worn unfolded as shown in the diagram below:





You will be issued with a transponder which must be fitted using the cable ties provided. Fit it as low down as possible to the front fork of your bicycle opposite the quick release, as show in the picture below:



Access and parking


Enter the circuit via The Aintree Golf Centre entrance gate in Melling Road (arrowed). The only vehicles permitted on the circuit are those whose drivers have appropriate accreditation. All other vehicles - including those of riders and spectators - must park as directed in the area indicated on the course plan. There will be no exceptions to this.


Event parking in the Golf Centre Car Park is only permitted on the side closest to the circuit. Team vehicles & gazebos are NOT PERMITTED here, please use the Team Area and Pits as show on the course plan.




Spectators are only permitted in the areas shown on the course plan. All other areas, including the whole of the Golf Course are strictly out of bounds. Any violation could jeopardise our future use of the circuit. Only persons with the appropriate accreditation are permitted in the start/finish area shown on the course plan.


Race Regulations


The race will be run under the current technical regulations of the British Cycling Federation. Please note the following regulations which are specific to this event.


Training/Warming Up


Competitors may ride on the circuit between 8.30am and 9.15am. After this time riding around the circuit is not permitted. This is to allow the circuit to be secured and competitors to be formed into their appropriate starting groups so that the event can start on time. Riders found riding on the circuit after 9.15am may be subject to disciplinary action.


The Start


The race is run on a handicap basis and riders should assemble at the start in the appropriate group according to their category:





Start time



4th, Women, Junior 3 & 4, Youth A




3rd, Junior 1 & 2


+ 1 minute




+ 1 minute 30 seconds


Elite, 1st


+ 3 minutes


The race will cover 30 laps (49.2 miles/81 km). Each lap is 1.64 miles/2.65 km and the course profile is flat.


Lapped riders


Except for women, individual lapped riders must retire and remove their race numbers. In the event of a leading group of riders lapping the main field, the riders being lapped must follow the commissaires instructions. During this time, racing in the main group will be neutralised and the riders moved to the side to allow free passage of the leading group and associated race vehicles. Riders lapped in this way may continue in the race but must not aid the leading group in any way.


Retired riders


If you retire from the race before the finish, please report to the race officials in the finish area. Please return your numbers and transponder and reclaim your license at the event headquarters before you leave the course. Please note that financial penalties will be imposed for any numbers or transponders that are not returned.


Race Service


The race organisation will provide neutral service vehicle(s) whose position in the race will be under the control of the Chief Commissaire. Riders may also receive service in the pits area located beyond the start/finish area.


Podium Presentation


There will be a presentation to the first three finishers immediately after the finish of the race and confirmation of the result. Riders required for the presentations must report to the race organiser at the podium (BC truck) without delay. Riders appearing on the podium must wear their appropriate club/team colours and without sunglasses and/or baseball-type caps. Junior & Youth A riders who complete the event must report immediately after the finish for a gear check or be subject to disqualification.


All other prizes for category awards will be forwarded to the recipients by post following confirmation of the full result.




A full result will be posted here on the official event website as soon as possible after it is confirmed.


Licence/Number Return


Licences will be returned on receipt of race numbers and transponder at the race headquarters following the finish of the event. Unreturned numbers will be charged to the competitor at the rate of 10.00 per body number. Unreturned transponders will be charged to the competitor at the rate of 100.


Officials Briefing


There will be a briefing for all race commissaires and drivers at 8.30am at the race headquarters.




All race communication will be by means of UHF Radio. Channels to be used will be advised at the Officials Briefing.


Social Media


Follow the race on Twitter @SoensRace #soens2019 and Facebook www.facebook.com/SoensRace


Prize List

Winner: 150 and commemorative trophy

2nd: 75 and commemorative trophy

3rd: 50 and commemorative trophy

4th: 40; 5th: 30; 6th: 25; 7th: 20; 8th: 20; 9th: 20; 10th: 20

Category Awards (highest placed rider in each category: 2/3/4/Junior/Youth A/Woman/Master C+): 20

Eddie & Mima Super Sprint (sponsored by Gordon Singleton): $100 CAN to the first rider over the line at 20 laps to go

Ken Matthews Memorial Sprint: 25 to the first rider over the line at 10 laps to go


Race Staff



Carl Lawrenson

Chief Commissaire

Rob Finegan

Assistant Commissaires

Frank Daniels, Peter Deary, Gordon Harling

Moto Commissaire

Malcolm Dixon

Chief Judge

Carole Leigh


Tom Greep

Assistant Judges

Patrick Nestor, George Rose

Race Announcer

Bob Barber

Transponders & Videofinish

Mark Young myeventtiming

Signing On

Beryl Bowes, John Gilmore

Lap Scorer/Gear Checker

Bob Jump

Neutral Service

Brother Neutral Service: Brian Rigby, John Rigby, Roy Holmes, Malcolm Shaw

First Aid

Mersey Medical Services

Course Facilities

Aintree Racecourse Co

Event Facilities

British Cycling, Event Solutions


Colin Baldwin, John Gilmore, Phil Leigh, Jon Williams
embers and friends from North West cycling clubs